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5-week foundational mat series

Join me on Wednesdays at 6pm for the next 5-week Foundational Mat Series


#203-267 West Esplanade Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A5


Play & Explore - week 1 - Becoming aware and present in the movement. You cannot move incorrectly. We make choices to complete what we believe to be the task. How many options can you make happen between your brain and your body?


Classic Pilates Mat - week 2 - There are 34 original mat exercises in Pilates’ Return To Life Through Contrology. These are the base of the method and are cleverly designed to bring balance to the body and to the practice in all planes of motion. Like an alphabet, these build and re-arrange to create the repertoire that is the language of all Pilates practices.

Classic Pilates Mat Expanded - week 3 - A revisiting and completion of the original exercises. While an exercise might be difficult in and of itself if it isn’t transferable into skills you use in daily life, why would you practice it? This week we’ll expand on some of the movements to their end expressions and see what we get.

Mobility & Stability - week 4 - Gain control. Great movement is about 99% set-up. When we master a skill we no longer have to concentrate on it, it becomes innate and frees our focus for other things. However, we have all attempted to do some task in a less than ideal position or set-up only to feel our body protest. Learn where you stabilise and you’ll free up your mobility. Develop new options for stability and feel your range of motion increase.

Efficient Flow - week 5 - Putting it all together in an hour of movement. Efficient movement happens with ease and for muscles to be strong they need to also be at rest when unnecessary to the task at hand. We’ll be attempting full ranges of movement with the least amount of effort expended. Prepare to sweat.

Every class is 55 minutes of movement and concepts will be introduced experientially.

Each class can be taken as a stand-alone. Hands-on guidance can be expected. Questions are encouraged.


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